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Lion Energy Yoga Mat

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Lion Energy Yoga Mat
Lion Energy Yoga Mat
Lion Energy Yoga Mat
Lion Energy Meditation Pillow + Yoga Mat

Our Lion Energy design holds the frequency of Sovereignty and would make the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one who has the desire to step in to their souls highest calling. Each yoga mat is designed with a specific intention and each element in the mat supports and adds to the energy of the design.

* SOVEREIGNTY // Lion Energy : original alchemical design by @jamilastarwater

* Made with Natural Rubber ~ Phthalate Free ~ Non Toxic Inks

* Designed and printed in Southern California

* While waterproof, this mat is best suited for "dry" yoga due to the fairly smooth texture of the mat. 

* Measures 72" x 24" with a depth of 1/8"

* Weighs approximately 4.5 pounds

* Ships from Los Angeles, CA within 2 business days 

* The Lion Energy design is also available as a Meditation Pillow.  See the Lion Energy Collection

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