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Starwater Yoga

Starwater Yoga is :

  • High frequency Dharma art designed to inspire and support your practice 
  • Yoga Mats, Meditation Pillows and Art Prints created with intention around specific themes (see an example)
  • Yoga mats made with natural rubber and printed in Southern California with non toxic inks 
  • Meditation pillows sewn and designed in Los Angeles with fabric printed in North Carolina and filled with organic buckwheat
  • Art prints, along with all the designs we offer, have been created by Jamila Starwater Tazewell; the purpose being to create elevated spaces through intention, color, sacred geometry and symbolism. 

Our Mission

Starwater Yoga products are created to inspire and support yogis in their daily practice. Each color, element, symbol or deity has a specific meaning and reason for being incorporated in to the design of our yoga mats. The power of symbols and their effect on consciousness was widely known by ancient societies but is largely overlooked in modern times. Tibetan Buddhist thangka mandalas, Hindu yantras, western occult tarot and our modern advertising industry all have one thing in common - mastery of the power of imagery to influence our minds! Starwater Yoga exists to provide a modern expression of the first three and an antidote to the later! 

About the Artist 

Jamila Starwater Tazewell is an artist, entrepreneur and devoted kundalini yoga practitioner based in Los Angeles, CA with her fellow yogi husband and business partner Jai Gopal Khalsa. Jamila has developed her colorful style over the years through a combination of creating collaged imagery collections, season after season, for her accessories business 11:11 enterprises, and by increasing her awareness and energy through the daily practice of Kundalini Yoga. The combination of an art and meditation discipline as well as a deep respect for the Dharma art of all the wisdom traditions is what has lead to the creation Starwater Yoga.

Dharma Art 

Dharma art ?! Excuse me, but what is Dharma art? Oh so glad you asked. Dharma is the path that takes us beyond the wheel of karma and in to the realization of our destiny. And we like Joseph Campbell's definition of art, "to put a frame around the divine". 

About 11:11 enterprises

Jamila began her journey as a creative business owner in 2003 when she established her accessories brand 11:11 enterprises in Brooklyn, based on her love of colorful vintage imagery and collage art. She quickly grew the business from a very grassroots beginning; selling wallets on a folding table by the L train stop in Williamsburg, to having her line in Urban Outfitters and stores across the country. 11:11 is still going strong, selling through in 6 countries, and enjoying a partnership with where they offer full customization on all of their products. 

The Starwater Yoga Dream 

We are all creative people having a creative experience. The key is - are we creating consciously and are we enjoying what we create? Starwater Yoga exists to help shape an inspired environment for our yoga and meditation practice so we can experience more of the joy of being truly alive. We use the power of intention, geometry, color, and symbols to produce products that create sacred space and support you in your journey as a consciously creative being. 

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 Enlightened society is an environment that nurtures the waking state of mind of the student warrior. If you can capture the perception of awake mind in physical space, physical places and spaces can hold and carry transmission and ignite awakening.
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