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starwater yoga - jamila tazewell

"If you have the power to believe, then what you believe shall come true. It means this little unit computer has the power to organize the main Master Computer to act on a signal. In simple rational words, man has control over the Universal Consciousness. They call it bhakti yoga, also devotion, worship."  ~Yogi Bhajan


The Starwater Yoga vision is to create high frequency, Dharma art products which inspire and support your spiritual practice.  Based in Los Angeles, Starwater Yoga is a company of visionary artists and yogis whose mission is to create a more peaceful and inspired world.  Above all, we believe in loving-kindness and our endeavor is to create products that have a positive impact on humanity, on all levels.


About @JamilaStarwater

When Jamila was born at home on a small island in the middle of the ocean in 1979, her parents gave her the name Jamila Starwater.  Jamila means ‘beauty of God’ in Arabic, and Starwater comes from a Native American book called Seven Arrows.  Starwater is the flow of creativity charged with the energy of the heavens. Names have a vibrational power to bring us along our destiny path. Once she began practicing kundalini yoga her art took on a new dimension and the creative exploration and manifestation of this name is presented to you here.

Yoga means union and Starwater Yoga, to us, means creativity merged with the flow of the soul. Our intention for these products is that they help inspire and awaken the practitioner to their own highest potential.  



Thank you Jai Gopal , Tej TV, Harijiwan + Ra Ma

Photo Credits: Jenn Whitney, Mariana Schulze, Keith Berson, Justyn Kuzel

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