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Spaceship Earth Yoga Mat

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Spaceship Earth Yoga Mat
Spaceship Earth Yoga Mat
Spaceship Earth Yoga Mat
Spaceship Earth Yoga Mat

Our Spaceship Earth design holds the frequency of Limitless reality and would make the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one who has the desire to experience the reality of your souls limitless nature. Each yoga mat is designed with a specific intention and each element in the mat supports and adds to the energy of the design.

* LIMITLESS // Spaceship Earth : original alchemical design by @jamilastarwater

* Made with Natural Rubber ~ Phthalate Free ~ Non Toxic Inks

* Designed and printed in Southern California

* While waterproof, this mat is best suited for "dry" yoga due to the fairly smooth texture of the mat. 

* Measures 72" x 24" with a depth of 1/8"

* Weighs approximately 4.5 pounds

* Ships from Los Angeles, CA within 2 business days 

Click here for more details about Spaceship Earth

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