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  • Imagery has Power

    Sometimes people ask me why we use sacred images of holy beings and texts in our art that gets touched by feet and our bodies. My answer is this : Imagery has power. An image hits many layers of the mind and opens doorways to perceiving other dimensions of reality. An image can plant a seed to i... View Post
  • Guru Nanak Crystal Sky

    Guru Nanak wasn't a religious guy and didn't set out to have followers. He was a rebel and a speaker of truth in a time and place when most people wouldn't dare. He brought a new sound current of peace and self realization on to the earth. Sikhs love him as the founder of their religion and the ... View Post
  • Where this all comes from

      Sat Nam I didn't originally set out to make a yoga mat company. I was humming along happily designing and running our accessories brand 11:11 (since 2003!) as well as deeply studying Kundalini Yoga with my teachers Harijiwan and Tej here in Los Angeles.  For my birthday one year, my mom got ... View Post